Announcing the Vista Student Scholarship!

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Vista Higher Learning (  is a generous sponsor of two student scholarships of $1,000 each – one for current high school students and one for current college/university students in the PNCFl region.  This scholarship supports students who are considering world language teaching as their profession.  We thank Vista for their support of students in the PNCFL region!

PNCFL – Pacific Northwest Council For Languages – advocates for the value of world languages as a core curriculum and supports language policies that reflect this ideal. In order to foster professional growth among language educators, PNCFL connects them at regional and national levels. PNCFL inspires world language educators to improve instruction for all students through professional development and leadership opportunities.

PNCFL is the oldest regional organization of world language teachers in the U.S., founded in 1949 as the Pacific Northwest Conference of Foreign Language Teachers. Founding members included future ACTFL presidents Howard Altman and Lester McKim. Between 1950 and 1973, PNCFL published much of the germinal research in applied linguistics and second language teaching. In 1983, PNCFL hosted its first joint conference with the Confederation in Oregon for Language Teaching. In 1995, PNCFL dropped “foreign” from its name and became the Pacific Northwest Council for Languages.

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