PNCFL sponsors the Professional Assistance Workshops (PAWS) to connect member states to the professional talent in the region. Through PAWS, PNCFL provides each member state organization access to a $500 stipend to help defray the cost of hosting a PAWS presenter. The state organization must be prepared to provide conference registration for the speaker as well as airfare, lodging, ground transportation, and meals. Before contracting your PAWS speaker, please fill out the PAWS request below.   After your event, complete the PAWS reimbursement form here.  For questions about PAWS, please contact us at

Share your Best Conference Presentation with Other States

PAWS presenters possess a variety of expertise within the second language field. PAWS is designed for teacher-presenters just like you – not for professional presenters who give workshops for a living. Have you given a workshop only to have attendees tell you later how insightful the presentation was? Have you attended a workshop and returned to the presentation handout time and time again? If so, please consider nominating yourself or a colleague to become a PAWS presenter by completing the application form here. You MUST live in a PNCFL member state in order to be listed in the speaker directory as a PAWS presenter.

Invite a Speaker to your State Conference

PAWS is ideal for state language conferences, language-specific workshops, or in-service or pre-service professional development at the K-12 or postsecondary levels. Customize your PAWS workshop to help teachers prepare students to pass state competency exams, to assist teachers seeking national certification, or to provide guidance on establishing FLES or immersion programs.   Here is the PAWS request form to be completed before you contract your PAWS speaker.

PAWS Directory as of 9/16/18:



Regina Braker  German Professor, Eastern Oregon University.
Topics: methodology/pedagogy, National Standards, articulation, state/national standards

Robert Davis   Associate Professor of Spanish, University of Oregon.
Topics: classroom assessment, curriculum/materials, methodology/pedagogy, standards-based education, content-based instruction

Jeff Magoto   Director, Yamada Language Center, University of Oregon.
Topics: technology-based language learning, eLearning and learning center planning, and re-design.

Anne Mueller 
Topics: pedagogy, methodology, classroom applications, assessment


Rick Beck  German Instructor, West Valley Junior High School.
Topics: second language acquisition, methodology/pedagogy, classroom management, video usage in the classroom, logic activities in the classroom, picture readers in the classroom, early TPRS

Lynn Johnston   Spanish and French Teacher, Alderwood Middle School.
Topics: Assessment, Methodology/Pedagogy, Standards, Common Core, Teacher Prep, Core Practices.

Bridget Yaden   Professor (Spanish), Pacific Lutheran University.
Topics: Technology, teacher preparation, second language acquisition, language labs, Dual-Immersion, K-16


Ann Tollefson  Steering Committee Co-Chair, New Visions in Action Foreign Language Education. 
Topics: distance learning