Northwest Region K-16 Language Teacher of the Year (K-16 TOY)

Some of the past PNCFL TOYThe recipient of this award will be the PNCFL nominee in the ACTFL’s Teacher of the Year award the following year.

Nomination Procedures

Each state association may nominate one person per award according to the following guidelines.

The Northwest Language Teacher of the Year Nominees for this award must have been a member of PNCFL for a minimum of three consecutive years. Nominees may not have won this award before nor may they be members of the PNCFL board at the time of nomination. You may contact the PNCFL current President Lynn Johnson to verify a nominee’s eligibility. This nominee may be considered by PNCFL as a potential candidate for the ACTFL National Teacher of the Year. Each candidate must be officially selected by his/her state organization: the expectation is that if selected as the PNCFL regional Teacher of the Year, the candidate will follow through with the ACTFL Teacher of the Year. For more information, go to and click on Teacher of the Year.

Each candidate must complete and submit the nomination packet before 5:00 pm Pacific time on Monday, January 11, 2021. Electronic versions of the form can be requested from your state representative. Nominations are not considered without and/or with the nomination packets submitted after the cut-off time here displayed.

red_arrow NOTE: The deadline for the submission has been extended to January 15th 2021 at 5:00 PM PST. 

Helpful Considerations When Submitting a Nomination

1. If your state organization already recognizes members for their contributions to the field, consider nominating those same people for a PNCFL award. Much of the paperwork (e.g., letters of recommendation) may already be complete and ready for submission to PNCFL.

2. Please decide on your state’s nominees as soon as possible after receiving this packet. Then be sure to inform nominees of the requirements for the award so that they have sufficient time to complete them. (This is especially crucial for candidates to the K-16 Teacher of the Year Award.)

3. Nominate someone who has demonstrated significant contributions according to award specifications. If that person does not win the first time s/he is nominated, consider resubmitting the nomination the following year.

4. Check the membership status of the person nominated. Two out of three awards require that the nominee be a member of PNCFL for at least three consecutive years. If you are unsure of a nominee’s eligibility, please contact the PNCFL current president Lynn Johnson.

5. Please ask those who submit letters of recommendation to be as specific as possible in their reasons for supporting the nominee. Examples are always helpful.

6. Please use a minimum of size 12-point font throughout your nomination packet. Check all materials for typos, spelling, and grammatical errors.

7. Invite other organizations, such as your state’s language-specific organizations, to participate in the process. Doing so may identify additional candidates as well as provide strong letters of support for the nominee your state submits.

8. For the Outstanding Contributions to the Teaching of World Languages in the Pacific Northwest award, consider both those within and outside the profession. Successful nominees in the past have contributed at various levels: local, state, and national.