PNCFL Annual Awards

PNCFL presents four awards annually to outstanding professionals in language education. Each state association may nominate one person per award according to the guidelines presented in the page of each award.  

For the first three awards, PNCFL members may submit nominations. Each state association may also nominate one person per award.

Nominations to the other awards must be submitted electronically by 5:00 pm PST – Tuesday, February 15th, 2022.

Click on the following links for more information about each award, grant, and scholarship.

1. Outstanding Contributions to the Teaching of World Languages in the Pacific Northwest

2. Ray Verzasconi Northwest Postsecondary Language Educator of the Year

3. The PNCFL Friends of Languages Award

4. Northwest K-12 Language Teacher of the Year (part of ACTFL’s Teacher of the Year)

Nomination form

For additional information, please contact Brandon Locke

Please contact your state representative for additional information.

Helpful Considerations When Submitting a Nomination

  1. Nominate someone who has demonstrated significant contributions according to award specifications. If that person does not win the first time s/he is nominated, consider resubmitting the nomination the following year.
  2. If your state organization already recognizes members for their contributions to the field, consider nominating those same people for a PNCFL award.
  3. Invite other organizations, such as your state’s language-specific organizations, to participate in the process of selection of the candidate. Doing so may identify additional candidates as well as provide strong letters of support for the nominee your state submits.