Past Recipients of the Teacher of the Year Award

These are the remarkable educators who received this recognition over the years.





2019 Carla Swick Carla Swick TOY 2019
2018 Lynn Johnston Lynn Johnston TOY 2018
2017 Yan Wang Picture of Yan Wang
2016 Catherine Ousselin Picture of Catherine Ousselin
2015 Michele Whaley Picture of Michele Whaley
2014 Brenda Gaver Picture of Brenda Gaver
2013 Brandee Shober Mau
2012 Taeko Tashibu
2011 Leslie Boaz
2010 Susanne Kanning
2009 Amy Velasquez
2008 Renee Fritzen
2007 Sandra Garcia
2006 Kathryn Beppler
2005 Terri Carnes
2004 Scott Underbrink
2003 Rosemary Leiva