Executive Council

President Mary Jackson (ID) Mary Jackson
President-Elect Brandon Locke (AK) LOCKE BRANDON
Past-President Lisa Werner (MT) Lisa Werner


Executive Director Lauren Kiolet (WA) Lauren Kiolet
Publications Paris Ganville (WA) Paris Granville
Treasurer Lisa Werner (MT) Lisa Werner
ACTFL Representative Sandra Garcia (OR) Sandy Garcia
JNCL-NCLIS Representative Brenda Gaver (WA) Brenda Gaver
Webmaster Emanuela Pokryfki (AK) Emanuela Pokryfki

State Representatives

Alaska Emanuela Pokryfki Emanuela Pokryfki
Idaho Carrie Rose Carrie Rose
Montana Megan Wong megan
Oregon Nicole Thorburn Nicole Thorburn
Washington Brenda Gaver Brenda Gaver
Wyoming Jaime Basham Jaime McTee Basham

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