PNCFL advocates for the value of world languages as a core curriculum and supports language policies that reflect this ideal. In order to foster professional growth among language educators, PNCFL connects them at regional and national levels. PNCFL inspires world language educators to improve instruction for all students through professional development and leadership opportunities.

Our member states are:

In October of even-numbered years, PNCFL meets at the Oregon-Washington bi-state conference. All PNCFL members are welcome to attend, and with the support of ACTFL, we offer 2 ACTFL-PNCFL scholarships per state to offset some of the conference costs.

In the fall of odd-numbered years, PNCFL sends teams to two state conferences.  Our two-person ACTFL-PNCFL traveling teams give presentations and help explain the benefits of PNCFL membership.  In 2017, traveling teams presented in Alaska and Idaho.


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  1. Hi PNCFL! I am trying to follow this site for updates but no “follow” button is popping up; would it be possible to add a Follow via email widget in the sidebar? Thank you for considering!


  2. Hi PNCFL!

    I am trying to share the link for the PNCFL award packet with our AFLA Terry Higley award. I can’t find the links page with the award packet on it that is mentioned in the “Awards” section. Could you please help?




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